• reduce the ad publication prices for the advertisers

  • move the 'last ordering time' closer to the first issuing date

  • use UNI.SEL.FLOW to enhance your ad production process

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Solve problems!

Especially newspaper companies are faced with specific problems. Mainly since the concurrency of the WEB they experience a declining revenue. A main reason for that situation is the declining of the advertisement volume. That trend is caused mainly by two reasons.


The first one is a financial problem. The publication at the WEB is usually free of costs, while printed publication had a significant price.
The second reason is the latest ordering time of the commercial orders in relation to the first issuing date. Due to the time, needed to handle the daily advertisement production, this time is usually one to two days before first issuing date. This date is an important problem for the advertisers. In contrast to that situation an advertisement is present in the moment it is loaded to the WEB-Server. As any newspaper is getting biggest part of income from advertisement publication, they should take any action to tend advertisers to stay at the newspaper. That is possible only in case, these disadvantages for the advertisers will be reduced. The movement of the latest ordering time is affordable only in the case, the production time will be reduced. The reduction of the production time can be reached by using a work flow solution. To make the advertisement production much more effective we have build the adaptive work flow solution uni.sel.flow.