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Business process optimization

The optimization of business processes to cut costs and resource consumption is a task for all types of business. That requirement usually is solved by using an appropriate wok flow solution. Such work flow solutions are offered by the ERP-suppliers as part of their ERP systems. For the past couple of years there were offered although work flow solution of independent suppliers.


Here may be mentioned the language specification BPEL, usable to model business processes, not based on underlying ERP systems.
For that language specification there are offered frameworks, allowing modeling and processing in an easier way. Further there was build a work flow solution, named 'Processmaker', by an Open Source community. This solution also allows to model business processes independent from ERP-systems. All these work flow solutions provide a framework, letting the customer model its business processes and run single work flows instances, based on these models. We are focused on business process optimization since several years and have build work flows for a telecommunication company in Austria, for a production company in Sweden, for bank and trade companies in Germany and for energy companies in several European countries, to make their business processes more effective. If you experience the necessity to make your business processes more effective, please use our expertise to find the appropriate work flow solution matching your requirements.


Do not hesitate to call us for building or adapting your work flow templates.
To contact us, please use the Email address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.